September 1, 2014

My Ultimate Goals

Thank you for visiting the Furu to Guru blog. I plan to use this blog mainly as as trading journal and somewhere I can put my thoughts/reasoning behind my trades into words and pictures. This will help me more easily identify what I'm good at, what I'm not so good at, and help me focus on and develop my strengths as a day and swing trader.

My ultimate goals in the market provide me a framework and guide to my desired self. They help give me clarity and guidance to ensure my overall well-being, not just as a trader. Here are mine:

1. To become a consistently successful day and swing trader
2. To provide a helpful resource for other aspiring traders
3. To enjoy my life on this planet for the very brief time I inhabit it (writing is enjoyable and challenging, like trading, so it's another avenue I'm taking to keep my mind busy)

Over time I've realized that the destination is not what makes me happy. The end game, the victory, the financial windfalls, etc., are not what motivate me. It's all about the process, it's the journey en route to that desired destination. I've learned that the process of becoming a better trader, learning what trades I'm good at, what trades I'm not so good at, adapting my trading to take advantage of that knowledge, and executing amazing trades in the face of painful failure is what I find so enjoyable. It's the clear distinction between me the past trader and me the current more improved trader that keeps me coming back for more.

Anyway, thanks again for stopping by and please feel free to leave comments and questions on a post. Hopefully this blog can be useful to others as much as it is to me!

Take care,


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