December 6, 2014

Trade Recap - ISNS

Here was the daily chart of ISNS going into Dec. 5th:

ISNS had been consolidating in a trading range since late Sept. and was starting to perk up, so I was in long biased mode. When I pulled up the intraday chart, it had already broken out above key resistance at $3.50. So I looked for a test of major support or a downtrend line break to enter long.

Here is how I traded ISNS (blue arrow = stop, green arrow = long, red arrow = sell):

I entered long at the support test of $3.70, risking to a crack of $3.67 support, and thinking the $4 magnet and great daily chart would attract buyers. As you can see, I got stopped out and left ISNS alone to focus on other stocks. I felt the breakdown and brief pop over support were just BS and enticing me to over-trade. Instead, ISNS did hold above $3.70 support and began to uptrend, eventually bursting through the downtrend line around 3:15 pm. 

So in hindsight, I should've kept my eyes on ISNS and the price action. The price action was clearly telling me it didn't want to breakdown and panic. It wanted to keep going up. Oh well, I'm at least turning this trade loss into a learning experience, so that's a good thing!


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