May 8, 2015

About Me

  My name is Jory and I'm an intelligence analyst by day and financial furu by night. I have passed both the series 7 and 63 exams.

  The Furu to Guru blog is my attempt to document my evolving journey as a student of the markets. My posts aren't advice nor recommendations to buy or sell any security. This blog is just what I believe about the markets and how I trade the markets.

  This blog is for informational and my own self-improvement purposes only. Reading of this blog and any of my posts constitutes your acknowledgement of and adherence to this disclaimer. Thanks for understanding.

  What is a Furu? A Furu is a charlatan, a fake person masquerading as a Guru on Twitter or elsewhere. A Guru is a true professional and champion of his or her craft.

  But why did I name my blog Furu to Guru (F2G)? Am I implying that I am a fake Guru masquerading as a professional? Nope, I'm a student of the markets trying to get better every day.

  This blog is intended to document my failures and successes and thoughts because it helps me learn faster. I also hope you learn along with me!

  Follow me on Twitter if you like helpful trading related articles and tips from the pros: @Cambro320

  If you have any questions just leave a comment and I'll reply as soon as I get the chance. Thanks for stopping by F2G!


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  1. Hey man, I really like your blog and how you break things down straight forward! Do you know what happened to the TIDDI chatroom... I miss it! Last I heard lak was asking for addresses to send stickers. But havent heard since...Did everyone just go their own way? Cheers! Vanderquilla