December 8, 2015

F2G Price Action Trading Announcement

The time has come.

After almost 9 years of trading and almost 3 years of day trading and thousands of dollars spent on bogus Guru trading courses resulting in nothing but failure, I've finally found my niche and consistent success. Disclaimer: I'm now a registered representative with Series 7 and 63 qualifications. What I'm about to discuss is NOT ADVICE just what I believe and how I trade. This blog is for information and trading journal purposes only. Continued reading of this and ANY of my posts constitutes your acknowledgement of and adherence to this disclaimer. Thanks for your understanding.

Ironically, the deciding factor to me being successful was not paid services. It was completely free information and videos you could find on the web right now. Consequently, I will release my personal F2G trading strategy to my blog readers because I paid nothing to actually learn how to be profitable. Let's get started:

Traders have needs and desires, they are:
#1 Goal is to make money
High probability trades
Little risk
Simplicity and scalability (trade any market, any security, on any timeframe)

Here's what I learned after years of failure and ultimately success:

Solution: Trade like a price action trader!
A master of support and resistance price action
We prefer to buy low and sell high  (seems obvious but many traders prefer buying high/breakouts and selling low/breakdowns, but these are low probability trades and we avoid low probability trades)
We prefer a high probability of a decent profit and avoid focusing on a low probability of a huge profit
A high probability of profit enables us to be mechanical traders unmoved by individual losing trades, knowing that we win in the end
We're professional risk managers because if we're wrong about a trade, chances are that other people are wrong too, so we cut the trade immediately without hesitation, we can always get back in at better prices
We're professional profit managers that focus on locking in high probability profits and realize the siren's call of potential huge profits is deadly to traders' accounts
We prefer information displayed visually
We're usually the first to spot a trend reversal and the first to join a strong trend before anyone else
We prefer to Keep it Simple Stupid
No need for complicated trading systems
No need for exhaustive research and analysis of company financial records or economic data
No business/financial education needed
No fundamental analysis
No indicators
No moving averages
No volume
No time and sales
No level II
No more chasing
No more fear of missing out
No more greed due to not taking profits
Just a pure focus on simple, scalable, low risk, high probability price action trading!

Questions? Submit them below in comments sections, or send me a private email and I'll respond when I get the chance. Thanks for stopping by F2G!

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