September 7, 2014

Resources Mega List

Knowledge is power and with power you can achieve your wildest dreams! But to acquire this knowledge it takes passion, practice, discipline, and an open mind at all time. Here's my Mega List of Resources on everything trading and trading psychology!

The #1 Goal that Leads to Trading Success
What I learned over the years was that, despite what everyone in the trading community tells you, there's really only one major goal in trading, and that everything else is either secondary or a waste of your time. And if you achieved this one goal, you could make it into the top 5-10% of successful traders after climbing out of the losing 90-95% of traders.

Trading 101
How we make money trading, plain and simple.

Fundamental Principals of F2G Trading
The "Why" behind F2G trading and what we believe.

How to Master Trading
Think TAPER (Technical Analysis, Planning, Execution, and Review). #1 key here is to plan your trade and trade your plan.

The F2G Trading System Checklist
Simple step by step trading checklist to high probability F2G trading.

The Laws of Trading
If you aspire to become a successful trader and want to smoothen your learning curve now, review these Laws of Trading.

How to Trade Anything on the Planet
You can trade any market in any market condition if you know how to apply the right trading strategy for the current market condition, not the past one.

Why Trading Stocks is the Best Therapy in the World
I wrote this post in an effort to condense numerous lessons I've learned from several different sources I've studied in the course of trying to become a better trader.

How To Overcome the Most Stressful Trading Situations
As a newb trader analyzing his past trades, I've noticed that I struggle with sticking to my trading plans/rules and overcoming stressful trading situations. I realize that I'm not alone with this problem, and so I decided to do some research that might help me and other traders identify ways to improve upon these weaknesses. This post is about what I've discovered.

A Trader's Daily Routine/Process
My daily and weekly routine. Hopefully it you gives you some ideas to work with in order to craft and refine your own routine to tackle the stock market.

Trading Abbreviations, Acronyms, and Terms Explained
The goal of this post is to thoroughly explain the abbreviations, acronyms, and terms that I use on a daily basis.

The Best Videos for Traders
I watch videos for a couple reasons, but it mostly has to do with trying to become a better trader. However, I also watch videos in order to understand more broad concepts such as what do successful people do that makes them so successful, as well as what can I do to improve my chances of reaching my own goals in life.

The Best Traders to Follow on Twitter
I follow traders for a few reasons, but mostly to get trade ideas and advice on how to become a better trader.

The Best Blog Posts for Traders
Some of the most important lessons I've learned about trading have been from these blog posts. I encourage you to read every one.
    The Best Blogs for Traders
    I review trader blogs for trade ideas and advice on how to become a better trader.

    The Best Books for Traders
    These books have also taught me several invaluable lessons about trading and the markets. I also recommend reading the books in the second list because the quality of your trading decisions (and any decision in your life for that matter) is only as good as the quality of your thought process. Therefore, a thorough understanding of critical thinking, problem solving, and innate human behavior is essential to your chances of making into that top 10% of traders--i.e., the only people that are profitable.

    The Best Trading Gurus
    I've had the pleasure of being mentored by a few gurus, each specializing in a specific style of trading.

    The Best Brokers for Traders
    I trade on a budget because I work during the day--i.e., I can't justify paying for expensive monthly data subscriptions when I only trade the last hour or two of the trading day. I focus mainly on NASDAQ/NYSE/AMEX stocks under $20 and penny stocks on the OTC market.


    1. Who in this list is not a pink slip/otc trader?

    2. That would take me forever to answer. A good start though for big board traders in my opinion would be InvestorsLive, Super Trades, Epica Capital, Ozark Trades, and Veritas to name a few. There's many more but your best bet is to check each person's tweets and see what fits your interests/trading style.